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So What’s Your Hyperspecialty?

First there was specialization in the CPA profession, now there is hyperspecialization. What’s next? Microspecialization? Actually, yes, that’s on the way too, but for now we are going to stick with the concept of hyperspecialization for the purposes of this blog post. So what is it and why do care? The Society’s task force on […]

Fix the Debt …

The title of this blog is borrowed from an organization Fix the Debt: Citizen’s Petition – Fix The Debt. I had an opportunity to hear a speaker from Fix the Debt recently – Paul Stebbins, Executive Chairman, World Fuel Services Corporation. He was both articulate and very passionate. We should all be passionate about this […]

Private Company Reporting – Progress (sort of)

Well, have you read about the progress in the area of Private Company Financial Reporting? The Financial Accounting Foundation (FAF) issued their report, Establishment of the Private Company Council (PCC), on May 30, 2012. The report details the responsibilities of this new private company council. It will determine if there should be exceptions or modifications […]

Do You Plan to Vote?

What are you doing on Election Day? Is it on your calendar? If it isn’t, it should be. Check now. If it isn’t there, put it down. Now. Tuesday, Nov. 6. USA Today recently reported in a cover story that 90 million Americans who are eligible to vote this year probably won’t. That is a […]

Diversity of Thought and Culture

Here at INCPAS, we like to be leaders rather than followers. One area we think we’ve been leading is in diversity. Many of you know that diversity levels in the CPA profession have not changed much in 25 years. While we may not have made much of a dent yet, we are scratching the surface. […]

Dream a Little Dream … about Integrated Reporting?

Do you ever dream about the future of financial reporting? No—me neither! I have experienced a few nightmares related to this topic, but I can honestly state that I never dream about what the future holds.

The Way Work Should Be!

Do you dread the thought of getting up for work every morning? Does going through the same old routine each day get you down? Maybe you start thinking about the weekend on Wednesday … or even Monday perhaps? Here at the Indiana CPA Society, the answers to those questions are no, no and no. And the same sentiment apparently extends throughout much of the CPA profession in Indiana as well. Those of us within the Society and the profession have known for a long time that it’s a great profession to work for and in. And now there is proof.

Seize the Moment to Be Relevant

Your company is successful because of the business relationships that exist in the organization, clients are with you because you built a relationship with them; when you think about it, any human interaction becomes relevant through the relationship and shared experiences.

The Power of Knowledge … or is it Knowledge is Power?

Why should we care about knowledge and knowledge management? The future of your career, the future of your firm or your business, and the future of your profession might depend on it. Do I have your attention now? I know, I’m being dramatic. But if that’s what it takes, so be it!

A Kodak Moment or a Lesson for CPAs?

I’ve been reading and thinking about an American icon that is in a serious state of flux and trying to figure out what we can learn from them. … There are lessons to be learned for all sorts of organizations, but particularly well-established companies, firms or professions that may be too risk averse, or frankly too successful, in the short-term to set strategies that will keep them at their strongest for the long-term.