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Complexity and the Importance of Knowledge Capability

We are all experiencing the highest level of complexity we have ever been faced with. Much of the complexity is driven by technology and the ongoing glut of information. The information overload creates and encourages increasing diversity of thought and opinion. Managing information in this environment is an ongoing challenge, so we tend to over-think […]

Time To Rethink?

It seems that we have been doing that for a while now in Indiana. Knowledge management and the competency-based approach has required a lot of “rethinking.” Maybe you saw the recent article in Accounting Today (November 24, 2014) titled CPA Firms Need to Rethink Themselves. The author talks about CPA value and where that comes […]

On the Road Again

2,100 CPAs. Five weeks. 16  programs. 3,000 miles. It’s time for the annual INCPAS Professional Issues Updates (PIUs). I’m taking a break from assembling the content for the 2013 edition (14th year) of this program.  It’s a great opportunity for our members to get a 30,000-foot view of the issues and trends shaping the future […]

Why You Need to Know Some Buzz Words

In line with Courtney Kincaid’s blog from May 2, I just want to say that I hate “buzz words.” You know, those business terms that come out of nowhere and then cannot be avoided. I don’t know that I’d ever used the word “robust” other than when I was trying to be fancy in describing coffee […]

Is There a Need to Change CPE?

Continuing Professional Education. CPE. Been around a long time. What? 40 or 50 years? Something like that.

Same old model. Hasn’t changed much. Still 50 minute hours (I wonder what committee made that decision?). I wish they would have made hours 70 minutes. Think about how much more you would get done in a day. : )

Still need 10% of your hours in A&A. The tax people love that.

But there have been a couple of developments. As of a couple years ago, you can now earn “half” hours, provided the half hour is connected to a full hour. Apparently you can’t learn something in just a half hour by itself (actually that is just 25 minutes).

Some online courses can qualify for group study.

But really, are these developments progress? Seriously. Take a look at what is going on around us.

The Power of Knowledge … or is it Knowledge is Power?

Why should we care about knowledge and knowledge management? The future of your career, the future of your firm or your business, and the future of your profession might depend on it. Do I have your attention now? I know, I’m being dramatic. But if that’s what it takes, so be it!