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CPAs Are Busy, So Why Do They Bother?

When 30% of Indiana CPAs show up for something, it causes me to wonder … “why do they bother?” After all, CPAs are pretty busy people. There are lots of things going on. There are other places that time could be invested. But they show up. Every year … almost a ritual it seems. The […]

Dream a Little Dream … about Integrated Reporting?

Do you ever dream about the future of financial reporting? No—me neither! I have experienced a few nightmares related to this topic, but I can honestly state that I never dream about what the future holds.

Seize the Moment to Be Relevant

Your company is successful because of the business relationships that exist in the organization, clients are with you because you built a relationship with them; when you think about it, any human interaction becomes relevant through the relationship and shared experiences.

The Power of Knowledge … or is it Knowledge is Power?

Why should we care about knowledge and knowledge management? The future of your career, the future of your firm or your business, and the future of your profession might depend on it. Do I have your attention now? I know, I’m being dramatic. But if that’s what it takes, so be it!