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We “Won” And Here’s How We Did It

An objective in the Society’s strategic plan, “advocate on behalf of members to further the profession” falls under my bailiwick.   But “advocacy” is amoeba-like when we try to set key performance indicators that are measurable.  One of our KPIs is “to win” (i.e., we made something happen or prevented something from happening.”)  The greater challenge [...]

CPAs Help Indiana Businesses Prosper

A guest blog post from the executive director of the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency. Indiana continues to be the fiscal envy of the nation.  Our state has lived within its means, promoted pro-jobs tax policies and made important investments toward a prosperous future.  Our AAA bond rating was recently renewed – a vote of confidence [...]

Do You Have an Ethics Question?

About the Indiana CPA Society’s Ethics Committee and what it does … when most people hear “ethics committee” and “code of professional conduct,” their thoughts automatically go to the really serious violations we hear about  because a member has been terminated from INCPAS membership. But in reality, the ethics committee’s role is much more involved [...]

What I Learned From My INCPAS Scholars Experience

Diversity in the CPA profession has barely changed over the past 25 years. The Society has been actively working to increase diversity in the profession through many diversity initiatives. One of them is the INCPAS Scholars program. The objective of the Scholars program is to promote the CPA profession to minority high school students in [...]

Happy Birthday, FASB!

Want to impress all of your CPA friends with some lesser known facts about the profession?  Come on, who doesn’t?  But seriously, I bet the majority of Indiana CPAs don’t know that the FASB turns 40 this year, and that there is a strong Hoosier connection to the FASB and its origin. The FASB came [...]

On the Road Again

2,100 CPAs. Five weeks. 16  programs. 3,000 miles. It’s time for the annual INCPAS Professional Issues Updates (PIUs). I’m taking a break from assembling the content for the 2013 edition (14th year) of this program.  It’s a great opportunity for our members to get a 30,000-foot view of the issues and trends shaping the future [...]

Doing Their Jobs on the Hill

For the last few years I’ve had the opportunity to accompany Gary and several of our members to the AICPA Council meeting held each May in Washington, D.C. D.C. is one of my favorite places in the world despite all the Capitol Hill dysfunction. It’s beautiful, historic and I think there are people there truly [...]

Why You Need to Know Some Buzz Words

In line with Courtney Kincaid’s blog from May 2, I just want to say that I hate “buzz words.” You know, those business terms that come out of nowhere and then cannot be avoided. I don’t know that I’d ever used the word “robust” other than when I was trying to be fancy in describing coffee [...]

Who Are This Year’s Best CPAs?

The very first INCPAS Award went to Marshall S. Armstrong, CPA, in 1971. It was the Distinguished Service Award — the Society’s highest honor. And since then, more than 180 others have received an award from the Indiana CPA Society in various categories. That’s an elite group, considering the Society currently has more than 8,000 members. But, [...]

Do You Prefer Conferences or Seminars?

Do you know the differences between our 275+ seminars and our 10 conferences? INCPAS seminars are scheduled all over the state of Indiana, generally focusing on one topic, and presented by one speaker.  Though we offer 4 hour CPE seminars, the majority are scheduled as an 8-hour CPE day. We are always sure to hold [...]