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The Renaissance Of The CFO Role

I keep seeing headlines, articles, blogs and other news about how the role of the CFO is changing. CFOs are going to need to become strategists, data analysts, risk managers, technology experts, and have the ability to navigate a complex regulatory environment. On top of all of that, we’re supposed to have strong people skills, […]

Are You Feeling Happy Today?

I have the most beautiful 2½ year old boy you’ve ever seen.  (I know, your kid or grandkid is cute too –  just go with me on this.) Each morning, when I head out to work, it is the tiniest bit heartbreaking to say goodbye. Having said that, I love working and my job means […]

How Do You Prepare for What’s Ahead?

Most of us think about the future at least some of the time.  Some of us think about the future a lot.  A few of us may simply take each day as it comes?  Those people probably read the headline and moved on.  Because if you take each day as it comes, there is no […]

So What’s Your Hyperspecialty?

First there was specialization in the CPA profession, now there is hyperspecialization. What’s next? Microspecialization? Actually, yes, that’s on the way too, but for now we are going to stick with the concept of hyperspecialization for the purposes of this blog post. So what is it and why do care? The Society’s task force on […]

2012 Elections Results … Opportunity Knocks for CPAs

The elections are over and we can all finally watch TV without campaign ads. In Indiana legislators are getting ready to roll up their sleeves and begin the work of the 118th General Assembly. There will be many new faces in the State House when they convene on January 7. No doubt this will change […]

What Do I Look Like, A Mind Reader?

Have you ever looked at someone and tried to figure out what is on their mind? Sure you have. Parents, kids, spouse (or significant other). Maybe it was a friend or business associate. It’s not easy. Sometimes you can look at a pet and have a better idea what they are thinking. Well, we really […]

Do You Plan to Vote?

What are you doing on Election Day? Is it on your calendar? If it isn’t, it should be. Check now. If it isn’t there, put it down. Now. Tuesday, Nov. 6. USA Today recently reported in a cover story that 90 million Americans who are eligible to vote this year probably won’t. That is a […]

Diversity of Thought and Culture

Here at INCPAS, we like to be leaders rather than followers. One area we think we’ve been leading is in diversity. Many of you know that diversity levels in the CPA profession have not changed much in 25 years. While we may not have made much of a dent yet, we are scratching the surface. […]

What’s Wrong with CPE Today?

In a recent blog post, INCPAS President & CEO Gary Bolinger, CAE, asked the question, “Is there a need to change CPE?” In his post, Bolinger said, “It is the public interest to get continuing education focused on competency and NOT hours.” The idea of changing CPE from an hours-based model to a competency-based model has […]

What might the future hold?

Change. Progress. Evolution. Opportunity.

There is a lot going on in business and the profession. Whether you think about what is happening on the other side of the world and how it is affecting our economy, the ever present effects of regulation on the profession, a changing workforce in terms of age, gender, diversity and the requisite skills to be successful today, or evolving customer and client expectations, there is a lot going on!

How do we manage all of that? What do we focus on and how do we prepare. In fact, how do we know what to prepare for? It isn’t very easy.