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Burnout Is Real But It’s Avoidable

I know I’ve talked incessantly about going back to school for my MBA at the ripe old age of 42 (see blog 1 and blog 2), but I’m bringing it up again because four months post-graduation I have some thoughts on burnout. That’s right. Instead of basking in the glow of my advanced education, when […]

Purdue Program Joins CPA Center of Excellence® As Leaders In Competency-Based Education

While Purdue’s NCAA hopes ended early with an unexpected first round upset, their innovation in competency-based learning is earning the university the equivalent of a national championship. The school’s Polytechnic Institute recently gained final approval for a new competency-based program that turns the tables on traditional learning models. Instead of credit hours and testing, the […]

Making A Case For Soft Skills Assessment And Development

The CPA Center of Excellence®’s work was recently validated by a well-known, independent organization, Accounting Today, when the Insight HR & Career Development Toolkit was named as a 2016 Top New Product. While that recognition itself is a great honor, this is of greater importance: the need for soft skills assessment and development, using a […]

Always Have a Plan B

That is one piece of advice I received from a co-worker many years ago and it has served me well. In fact, having a plan C, D, E and F too is often something that has saved the day for me. I admit this wasn’t a lesson I learned easily, but rather it was one […]

How Would You Spend Extra Time If You Had It?

Everybody’s busy these days. And CPAs might be even busier than most, especially for some at this time of year. After all, it is what they call “busy season.” I regularly hear a lot of people say “I don’t have time” or “there’s just not enough time in the day.” I even say it myself […]

Do You Have What It Takes?

There was an article in Forbes Insights last month titled “The Renaissance CFO.” It caught my attention for a few reasons and I thought it might be of interest to many of you. It’s relevant to CPAs in business and industry of course, but also to CPAs in public accounting who serve CFOs as their […]

We’re never ‘finished’

The day after tomorrow I will graduate from Butler University with my MBA. I started seven years ago, took the prerequisites and then took a five-year break (not really expecting to go back). For the last two years, though, two nights a week I’ve been in class. And then there were the papers, group projects, […]

Nominate Your Favorite CPA For An INCPAS Award

The holiday season is here, and so too is awards season at INCPAS. Indiana’s top CPAs will be honored next spring on May 13 at CPA Celebration. But nominations are needed now. The due date to submit a nomination form is December 18. Nominating is easy. There is just a simple online form to fill […]

Do You Know How The Profession Works?

Here’s a trivia question. What does the number 58 mean in relation to the CPA profession? If you guessed the number of organizations, associations, and governmental entities and agencies that oversee or in some way have an impact on Indiana CPAs, you were right! The INCPAS Board of Directors earlier this week at their annual […]

As The Seasons Change, The Society’s Advocacy Efforts Ramp Up

It’s fall in Indiana … the leaves are turning colors and mornings are crisp. I love the season changes for all the usual reasons, but also because it signals subtle shifts in our advocacy work at the Society. Like squirrels gathering nuts, we are busy laying the groundwork for the legislative session that begins in […]