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What’s In Your Professional Development Plan?

What CPE will members take for their 120 hours for the renewal in 2017? That’s right 2015 is the beginning of a new license cycle for CPAs in Indiana! (Not to worry, you will hear a lot about renewing individual licenses and firm permits with the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency by June 30. So let’s [...]

A Defining Time For Our Future

Some things have been happening this week politically in Indiana. I don’t know if you’ve heard about it, but even in the midst of busy season for our members who do taxes, it sure would be hard to miss. All of the news reports, discussions on social media, talk amongst friends and coworkers – it’s [...]

A Century Of Indiana CPAs

Despite the wintery cold and snow this week, the spring that INCPAS has been eagerly anticipating is almost here (a week from Monday according to the groundhog). Even if you don’t believe Punxsutawney Phil, the calendar says March 20 … a mere 15 days from now. What it is about the spring of 2015? You [...]

Budgeting Part Of Planning For New INCPAS and COE® Offerings

Hard to believe it’s been a year since we did our last budget … but it’s already time to get busy preparing the next one. I’ve started to review budget numbers from last year to see where we hit the mark, where we missed and why. We did a pretty solid job last year of [...]

Why Do CPAs Do All That?

No, really, why do you do what you do? What is it about CPAs that they put on their red capes every day and charge off to do battle with state and federal agencies, solve complicated problems for clients or their organization, do taxes (!), travel around the world to spend a couple of days [...]

Business Plan Competition Teaches Engagement and Enthusiasm

We’ve been talking a lot about the future of learning, new competency models, changes in education, etc. Mostly related to our work on the CPA Center of Excellence®, but also because of other trends and initiatives both within the CPA profession and outside of it. And of course, as the association that represents the profession [...]

… About Enhancing Audit Quality

In August, the AICPA released a discussion paper about enhancing audit quality.  The discussion paper was a comprehensive review of the AICPA’s short term plans and long term ideas about steps that can be taken to ensure that the quality of audits is and continues to be at a high level. The INCPAS Board of [...]

INCPAS Goes Back To The Future

Imagine it’s the year 2025. For three days next week, the Society’s Board of Directors and staff will do just that. What will INCPAS be like 10 years from now? What will the CPA profession be like? What kind of opportunities and threats will both be facing? What will the CPA Center of Excellence® look [...]

Looking For A 40-Year-Old?

“I’m looking for a 40-year-old.” Three times last week I was approached by CPAs who said those words to me in one form or another. At least two people the week before. I guarantee I’ll hear it again several times before the end of the month. Just what do these people want with 40-year-olds? They [...]

Moving Indiana’s Mountains On Behalf Of CPAs

Did you feel the Earth move on September 18? Probably not, but on that day, the Society gave another big shove to Indiana’s regulatory mountain. (I know – unless you are from southern Indiana you didn’t know there were mountains in Indiana.) The mountain I refer to is the state regulation of the CPA profession. [...]