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Duct Tape & Dental Floss: MacGyver-ing At Your Job

MacGyver was my hero. I was 10 years old and feeling like a bit of an outcast. Big plastic glasses, a propensity to use new words I read in books out on the playground, and seriously confused by the other girls in my class. They talked so much at recess instead of doing anything interesting. […]

Innovation And New Ways To Learn

A friend shared a news article with me recently about a local school district that is opening an imagination lab. The idea behind the imagination lab is that it creates new, fun and innovative ways for elementary students to learn. It accomplishes this by creating an environment where students can play, create and experiment … […]

Your First Date … With Your Legislator

It occurred to me recently that meeting your legislator isn’t much different than a first date. You aren’t getting married … you’re just checking the chemistry, looking for red flags, finding out what makes him/her tick, deciding if there should be a second date. It’s not a life and death event and the world won’t […]

How A Bill Becomes A Transformative Law

It might feel like spring this week, but it’s still early in this year’s legislative session at the State House. That’s important this year here at the Society office. Monitoring House Bill 1467 has become a daily activity for INCPAS staff. It’s given us a constant reminder of the process for a bill to become […]

What Do You Love About Your Job?

I saw the February cover of the Journal of Accountancy and was reminded of a conversation over lunch with a couple of business colleagues several weeks ago. We were talking about our jobs and what was going on with work. Nothing really exciting … just basic chit-chat about projects we were working on. I was […]

Are You Tired?

Are you tired? It’s OK. Take a break. Then, get right back at it. That’s my advice. I must tell you that right now I’m tired. Tired of winter (yes, I know it’s been mild here in Indiana, but I still don’t like it.) I’m tired of gray skies, social media, politics, opinions and maybe […]

The Time For Generation Z Is Here

Talk about Millennials has been the rage for a few years now and for good reason. In fact, just four months ago, I blogged about the impact of Millennials. Believe it or not, the Z generation (also known as iGen) is almost here. Although there is some debate about what year began the span of […]

Ringing The Bell Before Midnight on January 1

“Bells will be ringing…” is playing in my head as I entered holiday mode. I’d just jockeyed for a parking space, grabbed a cart (of course it is the one with a wiggly wheel) and checked my list as I entered my local big box store to wrap up my last-minute shopping. As I’m dropping […]

The Renaissance Of The CFO Role

I keep seeing headlines, articles, blogs and other news about how the role of the CFO is changing. CFOs are going to need to become strategists, data analysts, risk managers, technology experts, and have the ability to navigate a complex regulatory environment. On top of all of that, we’re supposed to have strong people skills, […]

Honoring Indiana’s Top CPAs … With A New Twist

Are you an innovator, advocate or leader? If so – or if you know other Indiana CPAs who are – this is the time to gain recognition for your efforts to strengthen the Indiana CPA Society and the CPA profession. Each year the Society recognizes the state’s top CPAs in various categories through its awards […]