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Getting Better Requires Continuous Improvement

“If you’re not getting better, you’re getting worse.” I have no idea whom to attribute this quote to and when I Googled it, it seems it might be sports-related so I became immediately disinterested in its origins. But, I heard the mayor of Newark, N.J., say it in a radio interview once and I loved [...]

CPA Center of Excellence® In The News: The Media Is Interested … Are You?

You’ve heard about the CPA Center of Excellence®. But have you experienced it? The Quick Start Guide, the online courses, the live courses, the benchmark competency assessment survey, the CPA Center of Excellence® Online, the Fusion Network … If not, I’d strongly recommend it. But don’t just take my word for it. We’ve been telling [...]

Because Why?

Being the first new hire at the CPA Society in more than a year, it was awkward coming in. The second newest person had already been here a year and a half, and the longest for 30. Every company has their established staff circles and dynamics, and at a certain point in life it gets [...]

Growth Spurt: Your Online Professional Network and CPE Options Just Got Bigger

News Flash! Learning is changing. How, when, where and even what people learn today is drastically different than even a few years ago. (I venture to guess that anyone in the business community today would not find that information noteworthy.) Now, “how” YOU as a busy CPA professional in the marketplace addresses your changing needs [...]

The CPA Center of Excellence®’s Quick Start Guide – This Is Better!

So, we’ve been telling you “This is Better” the last few weeks, about the all-new CPA Center of Excellence®.  So what is the CPA Center of Excellence® all about and why is it better? If you read the most recent edition of CPA INPerspective, the CPA Center of Excellence® was featured throughout the magazine.  In [...]

Putting Our Best Foot Forward

It’s that time of year. Membership time. Even though many of our members renew online, our mail tubs still fill up with dues envelopes. As we see the checks come in it’s a great reminder of why we’re here. It’s all about you, the CPA, and what you need as an INCPAS member. I recently [...]

Denim & Donuts – the New Employer X Factors

In 10 years, 70% of the workforce will be millennials (born early 1980s to around 2000). When I started at the Society six months ago, my supervisor asked me a question I had never been asked in my 12 years in the workforce: “What makes you feel valued at work?” After being stunned then pleased [...]

INCPAS Turns 100 (OK, It’s Just 99)

The countdown is on …  To what, you might ask? Well, as May begins, we are one year out from celebrating the Society’s centennial anniversary (and the CPA profession’s in Indiana too). On May 6, 1915, the Indiana Association of Certified Public Accountants was incorporated. This happened just two months after legislation was passed creating [...]

We “Won” And Here’s How We Did It

An objective in the Society’s strategic plan, “advocate on behalf of members to further the profession” falls under my bailiwick.   But “advocacy” is amoeba-like when we try to set key performance indicators that are measurable.  One of our KPIs is “to win” (i.e., we made something happen or prevented something from happening.”)  The greater challenge [...]

Budget Season Is Almost Here!

I was just thinkin’ that it’s my favorite time of the year.  It’s almost spring, it’s starting to get warmer (on some days), and the days are getting longer.  I even saw my tulip plants starting to pop out of the ground the other day.  And … it’s budget time.  Most people around our office [...]