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We “Won” And Here’s How We Did It

An objective in the Society’s strategic plan, “advocate on behalf of members to further the profession” falls under my bailiwick.   But “advocacy” is amoeba-like when we try to set key performance indicators that are measurable.  One of our KPIs is “to win” (i.e., we made something happen or prevented something from happening.”)  The greater challenge [...]

Budget Season Is Almost Here!

I was just thinkin’ that it’s my favorite time of the year.  It’s almost spring, it’s starting to get warmer (on some days), and the days are getting longer.  I even saw my tulip plants starting to pop out of the ground the other day.  And … it’s budget time.  Most people around our office [...]

Flexible Education Is The Key To Accommodating Individual Learners

I was an MBA dropout. I got married, became a stepmom, bought a new house, had a baby – you know, all the usual excuses. And then I decided to go back this year, and I am invariably one of the oldest people in my classes (if not THE oldest). It doesn’t bother me. Usually. [...]

It’s Cold Outside, But INCPAS Is Heating Up

The calendar says we’re still in the middle of the coldest, snowiest winter in recent memory. The Winter Olympics are in their first week. Even the groundhog said six more weeks of winter. But inside the Society office, the pace of planning (if not the temperature), is rising. As Gary Bolinger alluded to in his [...]

WANTED: Advocates For the CPA Profession

Advocacy is a political process by an individual or group which aims to influence public-policy and resource allocation decisions within political, economic, and social systems and institutions.  2014 Wikipedia Do you know who the advocates for the CPA profession are? Well, yes, they are Society staff … and certainly we have a lobbyist … but, more importantly “they” are [...]

What is Your Benchmark for the Core Competencies? Now You Can Find Out!

On November 15, the Society in conjunction with advisor David Griffiths, Ph.D. and Cognitive Edge Ltd launched a landmark survey designed to benchmark the core competencies of CPAs in public accounting.  The SenseMaker® tool is a unique survey instrument that uses interactive diads and triads (or sliders) that survey participants use to answer questions related [...]

My Time at the Indiana CPA Society

Note: INCPAS Marketing Communications & PR Coordinator Tony Flack’s last day at the Society was earlier this week.  He reflects on his time on staff as well as tomorrow’s CPA Celebration, which he was involved with over the past several years. I joined the Indiana CPA Society staff in spring 2009 relatively fresh out of [...]

Do You Have an Ethics Question?

About the Indiana CPA Society’s Ethics Committee and what it does … when most people hear “ethics committee” and “code of professional conduct,” their thoughts automatically go to the really serious violations we hear about  because a member has been terminated from INCPAS membership. But in reality, the ethics committee’s role is much more involved [...]

Two More Anniversaries … And a Good Cause

Last month we blogged about the 40th anniversary of the FASB. So, why not mention two other anniversaries this year – the 10th anniversary of both the Society’s CPA Day of Service and the last paper and pencil CPA Exam (can you believe it’s been that long?). The two were connected for us. Our first [...]

What I Learned From My INCPAS Scholars Experience

Diversity in the CPA profession has barely changed over the past 25 years. The Society has been actively working to increase diversity in the profession through many diversity initiatives. One of them is the INCPAS Scholars program. The objective of the Scholars program is to promote the CPA profession to minority high school students in [...]