Posts Written By: Stephanie Parton, CAE

Duct Tape & Dental Floss: MacGyver-ing At Your Job

MacGyver was my hero. I was 10 years old and feeling like a bit of an outcast. Big plastic glasses, a propensity to use new words I read in books out on the playground, and seriously confused by the other girls in my class. They talked so much at recess instead of doing anything interesting. […]

The Core Competencies — Where Do You Stand?

There has been a lot of discussion lately about core competencies, changes to the current CPE model, the future of learning, and new and enhanced skills for CPAs. Developing these competencies becomes more important with each passing year as complexity in the CPA profession and business continues to evolve. As a CPA and a professional, […]

Being re:Source-ful: What’s Your Favorite Book?

One late winter afternoon, when my son Jacob was five-years-old, I accompanied him to his kindergarten round-up. The gymnasium was filled with nervous and excited preschoolers. The principal called a few little ones up on stage to help with her presentation. She wanted to make a point that for many children, the first day of […]