Posts Written By: Sherrill Rude, CAE

Your First Date … With Your Legislator

It occurred to me recently that meeting your legislator isn’t much different than a first date. You aren’t getting married … you’re just checking the chemistry, looking for red flags, finding out what makes him/her tick, deciding if there should be a second date. It’s not a life and death event and the world won’t […]

Ringing The Bell Before Midnight on January 1

“Bells will be ringing…” is playing in my head as I entered holiday mode. I’d just jockeyed for a parking space, grabbed a cart (of course it is the one with a wiggly wheel) and checked my list as I entered my local big box store to wrap up my last-minute shopping. As I’m dropping […]

What Was CPE?

I’m sitting at a national conference with colleagues at a session about changing expectations of millennials and the workplace … I know … really? Not another one! Anyhow, the audience was surprisingly engaged as the speaker talked about mostly already mainstream HR issues: flexible work schedules, driverless cars, work anywhere, anytime, unlimited vacations, a computer […]

Do the Right Thing at the Right Time

On the eve of an important meeting of the Indiana Board of Accountancy, it occurs to me that what Martin Luther King Jr. said “The time is always right to do what is right,” applies to both ethics and leadership. Sometimes one has to make a hard decision or face harsh judgment to maintain their […]

The Power Of One

We all have one. I do. I know you do too. Maybe you haven’t thought about them for a long time, but if you take a minute, I know you will instantly have someone come to mind when I say it … A teacher who made a difference in your life. Have you thought of […]

Always Have a Plan B

That is one piece of advice I received from a co-worker many years ago and it has served me well. In fact, having a plan C, D, E and F too is often something that has saved the day for me. I admit this wasn’t a lesson I learned easily, but rather it was one […]

I’m Stuffed!

Well, like most of you, I found myself stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey last week after all the family festivities and holiday leftovers. But like the leftovers that get old after the third day, the thought of jumping back into work after the long week-end wasn’t all that appealing. Not because I don’t love my […]

As The Seasons Change, The Society’s Advocacy Efforts Ramp Up

It’s fall in Indiana … the leaves are turning colors and mornings are crisp. I love the season changes for all the usual reasons, but also because it signals subtle shifts in our advocacy work at the Society. Like squirrels gathering nuts, we are busy laying the groundwork for the legislative session that begins in […]

Proud Moments On Hallowed Ground

If you haven’t been living under a rock recently you could not help but know that this is a renewal year for your license and firm permit, and that the Society is 100 years old this year. For staff it has been great learning about the Society’s history, seeing past leaders involved in the festivities, […]

What’s In Your Professional Development Plan?

What CPE will members take for their 120 hours for the renewal in 2017? That’s right 2015 is the beginning of a new license cycle for CPAs in Indiana! (Not to worry, you will hear a lot about renewing individual licenses and firm permits with the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency by June 30. So let’s […]