Posts Written By: Jennifer Briggs, CAE

Are You Tired?

Are you tired? It’s OK. Take a break. Then, get right back at it. That’s my advice. I must tell you that right now I’m tired. Tired of winter (yes, I know it’s been mild here in Indiana, but I still don’t like it.) I’m tired of gray skies, social media, politics, opinions and maybe […]

It’s Not A Secret

The difference between most successful people and others is not a secret. They do things. That’s right. They. Do. Things. Before they are ready, when they don’t know if they should, when other people aren’t sure it’s a good idea, when it hasn’t already been proven, or even when they are scared. This is what […]

Every Aspect of Life Is About Choices, And Workplaces Can Help

This isn’t political. But it is complicated. Two days after the first woman was nominated as the lead on a major American political party’s ballot, I really wonder – why is this so special? Shouldn’t women being good at things be old news by now? Haven’t other countries had female presidential candidates and presidents? I’m […]

Burnout Is Real But It’s Avoidable

I know I’ve talked incessantly about going back to school for my MBA at the ripe old age of 42 (see blog 1 and blog 2), but I’m bringing it up again because four months post-graduation I have some thoughts on burnout. That’s right. Instead of basking in the glow of my advanced education, when […]

We’re never ‘finished’

The day after tomorrow I will graduate from Butler University with my MBA. I started seven years ago, took the prerequisites and then took a five-year break (not really expecting to go back). For the last two years, though, two nights a week I’ve been in class. And then there were the papers, group projects, […]

We have to try, or what’s the point?

In the words of one of our greatest American songwriters (in my opinion) Lyle Lovett: Look I understand too little too late I realize there are things you say and do You can never take back But what would you be if you didn’t even try You have to try. Now, he said this about […]

Where Do You Spend Your Time?

Every few years here at the Society we try to evaluate all the programs and services we provide to members. We do this because resources are limited (duh) and we want to make the most of them. And also because things change … new trends, new priorities, new ideas … and we need to continue […]

A Defining Time For Our Future

Some things have been happening this week politically in Indiana. I don’t know if you’ve heard about it, but even in the midst of busy season for our members who do taxes, it sure would be hard to miss. All of the news reports, discussions on social media, talk amongst friends and coworkers – it’s […]

Looking For A 40-Year-Old?

“I’m looking for a 40-year-old.” Three times last week I was approached by CPAs who said those words to me in one form or another. At least two people the week before. I guarantee I’ll hear it again several times before the end of the month. Just what do these people want with 40-year-olds? They […]

Getting Better Requires Continuous Improvement

“If you’re not getting better, you’re getting worse.” I have no idea whom to attribute this quote to and when I Googled it, it seems it might be sports-related so I became immediately disinterested in its origins. But, I heard the mayor of Newark, N.J., say it in a radio interview once and I loved […]