Posts Written By: Gary Bolinger, CAE

A Quiet Revolution

There is a quiet revolution underway at the Indiana State House. The Indiana General Assembly has so far been leading this revolution that you won’t read about it in the newspapers or online in general circulation media. House Bill 1467 is a rather short piece of legislation that was authored by Representative Martin Carbaugh (R-Fort […]

March To The Beat Of Your Own Drum

Well, it’s the middle of December 2016, as I write this. The time of year when many of us reflect on the past, from both a personal and professional perspective, and look to the future. What were your successes and where could things have been better? What did you celebrate? Did anything catch you by […]

The PIUs … What Did You Say?

We just completed the 2016 edition of the INCPAS Professional Issues Update (PIU). If you were there, thanks for attending! If you missed it, make sure a PIU is on your “to-do” list for 2017. Even after 17 years of these programs, it seems that there is never a lack of hot topics shaping the […]

Are You Kidding Me?

The recent AICPA/NASBA CPE Standards Exposure draft comment period ended on April 30. I don’t know if you saw the exposure or any information about it. This was actually a “re-exposure” because, as I understand it, of the volume and nature of comments received on the original exposure. It really isn’t clear what this exposure […]

Understanding And Valuing Experience

If I knew then … Well. Have you ever said that? If I knew then … what I know now. Or even if you didn’t say it, maybe you thought it. Of course you have! We all do! That’s life. We all learn from experience. Once you learn to ride a bike, you never seem […]

Your Staff Has No Value. Unless …

That’s right, your staff has no value. Unless … You know this to be true. It has been true for decades. And seasoned professionals talk about it just about all the time. But, it seems more important today than ever. More important because of the complex world that we are all operating in. Because of […]

The “War” For Talent

People. Human capital. Talent. Call it want you are comfortable with. The profession needs to attract and retain high quality people. People that not only have a good command of technical skills but also have a commitment to mastery and continuous development of the vital skills needed for success today and the foreseeable future. During […]

It’s The Real Deal … Not A Fad

The “buzz” about competency-based approach is not a fad. I really don’t think that it will pass. It is complex. Or maybe it’s just different from what we know and expect when it comes to education. But what is fundamentally different is this: the competency-based approach isn’t about education. It IS about learning. And learning […]

Complexity and the Importance of Knowledge Capability

We are all experiencing the highest level of complexity we have ever been faced with. Much of the complexity is driven by technology and the ongoing glut of information. The information overload creates and encourages increasing diversity of thought and opinion. Managing information in this environment is an ongoing challenge, so we tend to over-think […]

CPE? Professional Development? Competency Enhancement? Does It Matter?

The conversation about learning for professionals seems to be “picking up steam.” It’s almost like it’s very fashionable to talk about a variety of approaches to learning. We first started talking publicly about these concepts relative to the CPA profession with the release of The Future of Competency White Paper in November 2012. The AICPA […]