“Bells will be ringing…” is playing in my head as I entered holiday mode. I’d just jockeyed for a parking space, grabbed a cart (of course it is the one with a wiggly wheel) and checked my list as I entered my local big box store to wrap up my last-minute shopping. As I’m dropping a couple of dollars in the kettle, a thought about work pops in my head. “Dang, we were so close to reaching our goal of raising $50,000 from at least 900 members for the Indiana CPA-PAC this year!”

cpa-pac_logo_noyearI’m disappointed in myself, but since I am a “glass is half full kinda girl,” I look on the bright side –we have 44 more contributors than last year and 23 more high dollar contributors ($100+ thank you!) So we’re still going in the right direction. However, if my Secret Santa was listening, I would love to have every member who hasn’t given in 2016, give just $1 by December 31. That would easily put us over our goal.

I’m thinking, why is this so hard? Our members tell us all the time how much they appreciate our advocacy efforts. How they think of us as good “insurance,” they don’t want to have to use us, but they are glad we’re here when they need us.

Many of us get into the holiday spirit and give to our favorite charity at the holidays. Most fundraisers for charities are worked like little elves in Santa’s workshop to bombard contributors with pleas for year-end donations. Raising money for a PAC is a little harder sell. I don’t have stories to tug at heartstrings, baskets to pass, or poignant photos to demonstrate the need (thankfully) and I can’t conjure mom, puppies and apple pie to make members tear a little and say, “oh, what the heck, I’ll do $10!”

What I do have is the need. The need is real; not because someone’s livelihood will be affected if we don’t reach our goal, but because having a presence, being top of mind, and having influencers turn to us when they have a need is really important. And it should be really important to each and every CPA in the state. I guess, what I’m thinking as we’re entering busy season, year-end, and a new legislative session, is, wouldn’t it be great if even a handful of members read this message, went online and pushed us to our goal in the next 48 hours? (And yes, I’m just saying … it would be like popping champagne, blowing a noisemaker and twirling with someone dear to me on New Year’s Eve.)

Regardless of whether you contribute to the PAC or not this year, I hope you’ve had a happy and safe holiday season filled with friends and family. And I hope your new year’s resolutions include being an advocate for your profession. Best wishes in 2017!