Change is everywhere in business today. It is rare for any business process or product to remain the same for any length of time, but this is particularly true of technology where things are always evolving at a rapid pace.

Like most companies, here at the Society we are evaluating technology, upgrading software, moving to the cloud, and trying to increase efficiency and flexibility. Not to mention hopefully saving some money along the way, too. We’re having some success, but there have also been challenges along the way.

Hand with marker writing the word Time For Something NewBut, as we go through these changes, whether it is something like moving to Office 365 and constantly being on the latest version of Microsoft Office products, or moving our file server to the cloud, these transitions mean things don’t work like they used to, or there is new functionality, or my screen looks totally different when I log into a program.

It’s easy to sit around and gripe about changing, but instead of grumbling, we should be looking at how these updates can make our lives easier. Don’t get caught up in complaining about how things don’t work the old way, but look at this change as an opportunity to reevaluate processes and procedures. Maybe there are efficiencies that can be gained through the upgrade? Also, use the changes as an opportunity to help your co-workers.

As you figure out a new process, don’t hoard that information, share it with your co-workers. If everyone shares their ideas of how to use the new technologies in new ways, it will make the change a lot less painful, and in the end, it could actually help make you a stronger team, because you’ve learned to work together to get through the pain of change.

What opportunities and challenges have you encountered with regard to changes at your company, specifically with technology? Do you have a culture that embraces change, or have you had to work at it? Have there been programs put in place for training and education?

Share some of your experiences, and even better, some of your best ideas and best practices for change, technology or otherwise, that have been achieved and, and a result, made run company run more efficiently and effectively. Have they helped you serve clients or employers better and respond to their needs? Have they helped with staff morale and productivity?

But remember, don’t get too comfortable with the most recent changes, whatever they may be, because more changes are sure to be on the way!