The day after tomorrow I will graduate from Butler University with my MBA.

I started seven years ago, took the prerequisites and then took a five-year break (not really expecting to go back). For the last two years, though, two nights a week I’ve been in class. And then there were the papers, group projects, etc. on the weekends. With work and three kids. It’s been an adventure.

GraduationI’m not remotely the first and won’t be the last to do something like this, but it is more meaningful to me to have done it than I thought it would be. People often asked me how I did it all. Well, the secret is that this whole ‘doing it all’ thing is mainly bogus. Though I think women hear it more than men, whomever talks about it does so at much peril. Really, we just DO. I’m not sure we really do it all, even when we think we do. It’s generally pretty messy.

I know it’s exhausting (I didn’t realize how tired I was until things slowed down). It happens primarily because of family support and support from a lot of friends, colleagues and strangers.  At some point during the last two years I have felt I was (and perhaps actually was) the absolute worst wife, mother, friend, sister, daughter, employee, boss, student…need I go on?

But truth be told, I wouldn’t have it any other way. When I was young I wanted to grow up so fast. Now I realize that if we’re very lucky, life can be quite long so it’s important to do what you want sometimes. It’s never too late to be a little selfish, try something new, discover, share… and, because it was an MBA, I must quote Peter Drucker here: “People have to learn how to learn; no one is allowed to consider himself or herself ‘finished’ at any time.”

I know this story is more personal than professional, but I think I just wanted to share with anyone who reads this blog the importance of continuing to keep doing. As we get ready for a New Year this is the time we all make resolutions. I want to encourage everyone to make some. If you’ve been thinking about doing something scary, it’s likely a good idea so go ahead and do it. And just know that you’re never ‘finished.’