The holiday season is here, and so too is awards season at INCPAS. Indiana’s top CPAs will be honored next spring on May 13 at CPA Celebration. But nominations are needed now. The due date to submit a nomination form is December 18.

2016 INCPAS Awards BannerNominating is easy. There is just a simple online form to fill out that shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes. It’s a great opportunity to nominate a colleague, coworker, supervisor, direct report, client (who’s a CPA in business and industry), a former professor or … even yourself! The only requirement is that nominees must be members, or become members after they are nominated.

There are seven categories for the awards. Three recognize CPAs in different segments of the profession. There’s the Outstanding CPA in Public Practice Award, the Outstanding CPA in Business & Industry Award, and the Outstanding Educator Award. Those awards are all pretty self-explanatory. They are also very prestigious for the recipients each year. Who wouldn’t want to be regarded as the top CPA for the year in the segment of the profession they work in?

Then there is the Outstanding Community Service Award. This recognizes outstanding volunteer contributions within a nominee’s community over a period of time, and also takes into account volunteer service with the Society and the profession. This award is unique in that there can be three to five recipients, ideally coming from different regions of the state.

The Emerging Leaders Award is another with multiple recipients with up to five young professionals being recognized each year. This award is for young professionals under the age of 35 who have made significant contributions to their employer, whether that is a public accounting firm, a business, a government entity or an educational institution.

Next is the CPA Advocacy Award. This award is geared toward CPAs who advocate for the profession, by way of the relationships they form with legislators or regulators. Another key aspect to the award is participation within the Society’s legislative program, such as serving as a Legislative Key Person, contributing in some other way to the Society’s legislative initiatives or supporting the Indiana CPA-PAC.

Finally, the Distinguished Service Award is cherished by all who have received it in the past. It recognizes long-time members who have made significant and lasting contributions primarily to the Indiana CPA Society, but also to the AICPA and the CPA profession as well. Service at all levels is considered.

The nomination form consists of just a few boxes. You are asked to briefly describe up to three reasons why you believe the nominee should win the award. You are also asked to describe your relationship with the nominee. And then you are asked to give two examples of the contributions your nominee has made. Other than including your contact information, that’s it.

Please take a few moments to nominate a fellow CPA who has made an impact on you. Or two or three. These awards are very important and memorable to the recipients, but we can’t do it without your help. You are the ones who know them, work with them, share experiences with them, and ultimately know why they are deserving of such an incredible honor.