Monthly Archive:: October 2015

The “War” For Talent

People. Human capital. Talent. Call it want you are comfortable with. The profession needs to attract and retain high quality people. People that not only have a good command of technical skills but also have a commitment to mastery and continuous development of the vital skills needed for success today and the foreseeable future. During […]

As The Seasons Change, The Society’s Advocacy Efforts Ramp Up

It’s fall in Indiana … the leaves are turning colors and mornings are crisp. I love the season changes for all the usual reasons, but also because it signals subtle shifts in our advocacy work at the Society. Like squirrels gathering nuts, we are busy laying the groundwork for the legislative session that begins in […]

There Are Many Ways To Learn … Even If They Don’t “Count”

I was just thinkin’… about how lucky I was to be randomly selected for the CPE audit. Yes, seriously … I know I’ve met the CPE requirements by taking my 120 hours of CPE, including the obligatory ethics and A&A hours, so no big deal. But, as I was filling out the audit form, it […]