Just out this week, INCPAS’ own President & CEO Gary Bolinger has been named as one of the Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting by Accounting Today. AT’s special report can be found here.

InfluentialWith the Professional Issues Update season upon us (the third PIU was earlier today in Lafayette), members across the state have the opportunity to see and hear Gary in person as he leads this popular program (three are already sold out) that is now in its 16th year. If the program wasn’t good enough already, now you know you’re seeing it presented by one of the most influential people in the profession!

Gary is in select company with this group. He is one of only six state society CEOs on the list (the others are from California, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey and New York). Then there is incoming AICPA Chair Tim Christen, AICPA CEO Barry Melancon and four AICPA vice presidents. Among others are the chairmen, CEOs or managing partners from the Big Four, and chairmen of the FASB, GASB, IASB, PCAOB and the SEC. Also noteworthy are two U.S. senators, one U.S. representative, and President Barack Obama. And there are still 79 more! It’s quite an impressive list and a very big deal.

Gary has received a number of honors and awards during his more than 30-year tenure at INCPAS, and while this one may appear to be just the latest, it may be the most significant. That’s because it not only reflects Gary’s leadership and accomplishments, but also the leadership and accomplishments of the Society and strengthens its status as one of the leading state societies in the country.

There are many examples to support this. First and foremost is the CPA Center of Excellence® that Gary has championed, and all of its related activities and products. Such as the pilot program with the Indiana Board of Accountancy, which enabled Indiana to become the first state to approve competency-based education for CPAs. The COE® has quickly become a thought leader throughout the profession in not only competency-based education, but also core competency development for CPAs, innovative online course modules, digital badges, knowledge sharing, and skills assessment.

INCPAS 2025 was an initiative undertaken by the Society’s Board task forces last year under Gary’s direction, and it has become a future vision of what the Society and the profession in Indiana will look like in 10 years. It encourages CPAs to embrace an expanded role in business, and outlines member expectations, successful characteristics that INCPAS must exhibit, how the Society must respond, and the types and ways that CPAs will need to provide services. Most importantly, it presents two possible scenarios for the Society – one of success and one of failure – so that the organization can take the necessary steps to remain relevant and successful in a decade.

Gary also helped lead the movement in the area of integrated reporting, which resulted in the Society publishing its first integrated report last year. While interest in integrated reporting is still growing, INCPAS sought to lead by example among its members, as well as among state CPA societies and even other associations, by becoming one of the first organizations to prepare and publish an integrated report. And, by the way, the Society’s second integrated report will be available soon.

There are other ways that Gary and the Society (both volunteer leaders and staff) have been influential as well. By publishing nationally-recognized whitepapers, achieving success in legislative advocacy, and administering award-winning diversity programs (including INCPAS Scholars) that are already making an impact in Indiana in just five years.

It’s not easy being influential. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication. This recognition for Gary confirms that others have seen what is happening in Indiana and are taking notice.