In the words of one of our greatest American songwriters (in my opinion) Lyle Lovett:

I understand too little too late
I realize there are things you say and do
You can never take back
But what would you be if you didn’t even try
You have to try.

Now, he said this about ordering cheese on his burger, but that’s something you’ll have to learn from the song. The point I take from this and why – I think of these lines from time to time is that you have to try or what’s the point? And one thing you can say about the Indiana CPA Society is that we try. We are always thinking about how we can provide great service and benefits to members today while also preparing ourselves and our members for the unknowns of the future. There are no easy answers. There is a lot of experimentation. One experiment that we’re working on is our CPA Center of Excellence®.

Last week the Indiana Board of Accountancy agreed to extend the pilot program so our competency-based courses allow for a waiver of a certain amount of hours of CPE. This extension through the end of the current reporting cycle allows us to keep trying within the current CPE structure while addressing new concepts of learning and competency. We demand a lot of staff and a lot of our members in asking them to come on this journey with us. But, we believe it will pay off for the profession.

While it’s not the answer, it’s the beginning of the answer and a way we believe we can keep moving forward. We are also currently working on a new interactive competency-based ethics course and asking the Board of Accountancy to start the process of amending rules related to the ethics CPE requirement in Indiana to broaden the scope of what “counts.” CPAs learn and become more competent in a wide variety of ways, and the world of education and training is changing across a broad spectrum.

Knowing this, what would we be as an association if we didn’t even try to help change a system we believe is broken?