No, really, why do you do what you do? What is it about CPAs that they put on their red capes every day and charge off to do battle with state and federal agencies, solve complicated problems for clients or their organization, do taxes (!), travel around the world to spend a couple of days living out of a suitcase in a foreign country to do an audit … and the list goes on.

If you are thinking, “You’re right, what the heck am I doing?” please stop reading NOW. My question isn’t about being CRAZY because you do what you do, but rather, where does your passion come from because it is GREAT that you do what you do.

“Choose a job that you love, and you will never work a day in your life” is advice often reiterated by sage parents, educators and adult well-wishers to young people who are launching their life and their first real job.

So is that it?  You love your job, 24/7, 365? Nah, I know better. Most of you are saying, “Hmmm, I love my job most days.” And that is it, I think. 

I am so fortunate to work with CPAs every day, and I do love my job … most days. I admit, some days are pretty hectic, stressful, draining, frustrating … you get the picture. But really, isn’t that the nature of every job? Looking at the big picture, you probably agree there are more great sunrises and sunsets than there are storm clouds in your work day.

So, why am I asking “Why do CPAs do that?” Well, because recently I have seen CPAs who are members do some extraordinary things. For example, just today, a member called to thank us for developing the CPA Center of Excellence® Online Community and said it is the place he now goes to every day. A partner of a regional firm spent half a day at the State House waiting to give testimony on a bill about school accounting (only to have the hearing delayed to the afternoon.) A working group of tax members have spent somewhere in the neighborhood of 50-100 hours each meeting with the Department of Revenue to help fix non-resident withholding (several of those CPAs work for DOR and are as committed to the cause as our tax advocate members). One member asked to meet to talk about how he could give more back to the profession he loves. Another member learned that she is a finalist for an award recognizing her contribution to our diversity initiatives. A member asked for resources to give a talk to middle school students.  More than 50 members showed up for breakfast with their legislators on behalf of the CPA profession … And these are just a few examples.

They are some of the extraordinary things member CPAs have done in the last couple of weeks with just a couple of things we are involved in! This is why I was just thinking, why do CPAs do that? I would love to hear your answers if you care to share. Understanding what we do to help CPAs do what they do is something that motivates me each day and makes me love my job … most days.

So, what do you love about your job?