Hard to believe it’s been a year since we did our last budget … but it’s already time to get busy preparing the next one. I’ve started to review budget numbers from last year to see where we hit the mark, where we missed and why. We did a pretty solid job last year of budgeting for members, and we sold more professional development courses than we budgeted, too. On the expense side, we didn’t do too badly, either. We had budgeted for a larger increase in health insurance premiums than we actually received, so we did better than budget there. We made some revisions in our internal operations that also provided some additional savings.jbudget4

Now, it’s time to think about next year, and what we can do better and more cost-effectively, while still delivering great services to our members. We will look at all of the services we offer to make sure that they are still the right mix of offerings that meet members’ needs. We may eliminate a few things we have done in the past, but as we do so, we will look at whether or not we need to add additional services to ensure that we are relevant to of ALL of our members. Not just CPAs in public accounting, but all members.

Our conference schedule for the next year was just set. We have added a couple of new conferences to keep up with changing needs – a Trends Conference in December, and a Business Valuation Conference in September.

We are working on scheduling professional development courses for the upcoming year, too. There will be some new courses based on hot issues within our profession on the calendar this year.

And, last but not least, we will continue to develop the products and services of the CPA Center of Excellence® for the next year. We are making a few edits to our new online interactive courses to make them easier and more enjoyable to take. We are also working on developing ethics courses using the new online interactive module platform. We will continue to market our Vital Skills handbook, and hope to offer a new handbook during the next year to help member further develop relevant skills that are needed in today’s world.

It’s exciting to see what new things are on the horizon. What’s of most interest to you? Is the Society heading in the right direction with these new ideas?