Imagine it’s the year 2025.

For three days next week, the Society’s Board of Directors and staff will do just that. What will INCPAS be like 10 years from now? What will the CPA profession be like? What kind of opportunities and threats will both be facing? What will the CPA Center of Excellence® look like? It’s all part of the INCPAS 2025 project that leadership and staff are working on leading up to the Society’s 100-year anniversary next May.

Crystal Ball FutureLed by INCPAS Vice Chairs Roger Booth, Bettie Caldwell and John Sauder, three board task forces have been envisioning the future independently of each other since June. They are appropriately named the Agile, the Dynamic and the Emergent task forces, using buzz words that describe attributes the Society and the profession will need to be relevant and successful in the years ahead. The task forces will come together at the annual board retreat beginning November 9 to discuss their findings, compare notes, and think long range and big picture.

The board and staff aren’t doing this alone. Last week, the Leadership Cabinet and Emerging Leaders Alliance spent a day and a half at their biannual meeting in Indianapolis hearing about and discussing the future. Futurist Glen Hiemstra and INCPAS knowledge management and complexity advisor David Griffiths set the stage with thought-provoking presentations. Members then discussed their image of the future of the CPA Center of Excellence® and bold challenges for INCPAS in the next 10 years.

Here’s a sample of some of those bold challenges for 2025 from LC/ELA:

  • Grow the CPA Center of Excellence® into a nationally-recognized knowledge hub and the go-to place for competency development.
  • INCPAS is the leading business advocate for the state of Indiana essentially replacing the Chamber of Commerce. This could also lead to the CPA Center of Excellence® being a competency-based learning platform for all professionals, not limited to CPAs.
  • One CPA Center of Excellence® focused on advocacy (smaller more peer review-focused organization) and one CPA Center of Excellence® that will carry the torch for knowledge sharing, competency and assessment.
  • Reduce barriers to becoming a CPA while maintaining a high standard of excellence.

Taking into consideration the LC/ELA feedback, next week’s discussions will be intriguing. The opportunities and threats of the future. What members will expect of the Society at that time, and how can or should INCPAS respond. They’ll also consider what members will depend on INCPAS for in 2025 and how the Society will deliver value. Finally, they’ll describe an image of the future, offer their own bold challenges, and expand on the bold challenges from LC/ELA. And regarding the CPA Center of Excellence® specifically, they’ll answer the question, what’s our intention?

This glimpse into the future figures to be very lively and entertaining. The end result of the board’s work will be a scenario-based picture of the year 2025 that the Society will share with its members next spring. How do you think the Society and the profession will look a decade from now? Share your thoughts and join us as we jump ahead in time.