You’ve heard about the CPA Center of Excellence®. But have you experienced it? The Quick Start Guide, the online courses, the live courses, the benchmark competency assessment survey, the CPA Center of Excellence® Online, the Fusion Network … If not, I’d strongly recommend it.

But don’t just take my word for it. We’ve been telling national accounting media as well as business and general media in Indiana about the CPA Center of Excellence®, andNews they’re listening. In fact, they’re interested. Very interested. Enough so that there have been multiple, lengthy articles about it and the related pilot program with the Indiana Board of Accountancy recently. If the media think it’s important enough to publish news about it across the nation and state, then you should try it out, don’t you think?

Have you seen it in Accounting Today? They have published two separate articles (1, 2). You won’t be able to access them in their entirety now unless you have a subscription, but they are there (I assume many CPAs in Indiana read or subscribe to Accounting Today). And they’re not just brief mentions. They’re detailed articles complete with quotes, photos and other graphics.

Then there was Going Concern. They were most interested in the competency-based approach and the new online course modules. Not only did they publish this story, but they also included several screen shots from the courses. They referred to them as a “game-changer” and said they are “what the future of CPE might look like.” We think they are right.

The longest article may have been on AccountingWEB. They covered all the basics about the CPA Center of Excellence® and highlighted each of the five major components.

But that’s not all … CPA Practice Advisor was interested in the Board of Accountancy’s pilot program allowing competency-based education for CPA license renewal (we’re the first state to do so), Here is that article. And, Inside Public Accounting published two blogs, one on the CPA Center of Excellence® and one on the pilot program (1, 2). Finally, CPA Trendlines has expressed interest, and I’d anticipate seeing some articles there in the near future.

Back home in Indiana, Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly had this story about the competency-based education last week (again, you’ll need a subscription to read the article). The Fort Wayne Journal Gazette is also working on an article. Watch for it soon.

With all this attCoE_RBALL_VertLogo_Tealention, we’re building momentum. The book and the first two online courses were released in late May. The CPA Center of Excellence® Online went live on July 1. Five more online courses will be available in the coming months, and the live courses are scheduled for November. There will be more exciting developments in the future. Check out the CPA Center of Excellence® and all it has to offer – competency assessment, critical success skill development and intelligent collaboration!