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CPA Center of Excellence® In The News: The Media Is Interested … Are You?

You’ve heard about the CPA Center of Excellence®. But have you experienced it? The Quick Start Guide, the online courses, the live courses, the benchmark competency assessment survey, the CPA Center of Excellence® Online, the Fusion Network … If not, I’d strongly recommend it. But don’t just take my word for it. We’ve been telling […]

Because Why?

Being the first new hire at the CPA Society in more than a year, it was awkward coming in. The second newest person had already been here a year and a half, and the longest for 30. Every company has their established staff circles and dynamics, and at a certain point in life it gets […]

Growth Spurt: Your Online Professional Network and CPE Options Just Got Bigger

News Flash! Learning is changing. How, when, where and even what people learn today is drastically different than even a few years ago. (I venture to guess that anyone in the business community today would not find that information noteworthy.) Now, “how” YOU as a busy CPA professional in the marketplace addresses your changing needs […]