So, we’ve been telling you “This is Better” the last few weeks, about the all-new CPA Center of Excellence®.  So what is the CPA Center of Excellence® all about and why is it better?

If you read the most recent edition of CPA INPerspective, the CPA Center of Excellence® was featured throughout the magazine.  In his Chair’s Perspective, Steve Eichenberger described the CPA Center of Excellence® as a dynamic and evolving repository for knowledge growth and sharing.  That sounds fancy, but ‘what exactly does that mean?’ you may ask …

What the CPA Center of Excellence® is is a group of offerings, things from an online community you’ll have access to beginning in July, to a series of courses using a new online interactive learning platform that are designed to enhance CPA critical success skills.  Additionally, critical success skill courses will also be offered in a new live “choose your own adventure” format designed to give attendees a unique live interactive learning experience centered on the same critical success skill of the online courses.

CoE_Quick_Start_GuideThe foundation of the new courses are CPA core competencies that are defined in a new handbook titled “CPA Excellence:  A quick start guide to defining and mastering vital skills for success.”  This book was written by David Griffiths, Ph.D., and is based on the CPA profession’s core competencies as identified in the CPA Horizons 2025 report (plus knowledge sharing) and the corresponding competency descriptors that were developed through the work of our own members and input from groups like leadership cabinet and emerging leaders alliance.  The handbook contains the following chapters:

  1. The Evolution of the CPA Core Competencies – that explains the whole process for defining what the competencies are.
  2. Setting the Scene – What are Competencies? – which defines competencies, and explains why they matter to you and to your firm or business.
  3. Quick Start Processes for the Human Resources Pathway – which explains how to incorporate the competencies throughout your firm or organization from the hiring process to performance reviews to succession planning.
  4. Next Steps – which explains some next steps on how to develop competencies.
  5. Additionally, there is an appendix that describes each of the seven core competencies by defining them, explaining why each competency is critical, and giving examples of advancing through five different levels of competency proficiency.

The whole idea behind the CPA Center of Excellence® is to give CPAs the skills they need to succeed in their careers now and into the future.  The book is a great tool for all of us in the profession to learn about what skills are critical to our success and how to grow and develop these skills.

There will be plenty of news and promotion for all of the new offerings of the CPA Center of Excellence® available in the coming months. Gary will talk about it at the Professional Issues Update, and we will have an informational table at the PIUs and upcoming conferences.

Now it’s time for the shameless plug.  We are selling the book for $19.95 + tax.  It will be available at all PIUs or soon you will be able to purchase it online.  Learn more about the book here.  In our opinion, it is well worth this low price for the potential value you’ll receive.