A guest blog post from the executive director of the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency.

Indiana continues to be the fiscal envy of the nation.  Our state has lived within its means, promoted pro-jobs tax policies and made important investments toward a prosperous future.  Our AAA bond rating was recently renewed – a vote of confidence in our fiscal stewardship by all three bond agencies.  We’re a national leader in manufacturing, and in 2013 we added 21,700 private sector jobs to the Indiana economy – the fifth fastest rate of private sector growth in America.

Nick_Rhoad_blogBut whether you’re a CPA in a manufacturing company or in a CPA firm, one thing never changes: you have to make payroll.

We need to not only stay the course, but focus on making Indiana more competitive nationally.  We can start by working hard to keep the jobs we have and create the jobs we need.

As CPAs know all too well, burdensome rules and regulations can put a wet blanket on business growth.  Governor Pence placed a moratorium on all new regulations on his first day in office one year ago.  Since then, our administration has cut new state regulations by 52 percent.  And that’s just the beginning.

We’re the epicenter of regulation at the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency.  We’ll spend 2014 working with all of our 38 different boards and commissions (dental, medical, accountancy, real estate, appraisers, and more) and 200+ professional licenses to continue to identify and remove barriers to practice.

While licensing boards serve to credential a profession and attempt to protect the public, we are well aware that the build-up of red tape can stifle the entry of new professionals or corporations – or slow the rate of expansion of current businesses – into the marketplace.  We want to work collaboratively with you and with INCPAS.  We want to tap into your knowledge of multitudes of rules and regulations so we can identify and remove unnecessary red tape from around the wallets of Indiana businesses and professionals.  Every dollar not spent on regulatory paperwork is a dollar we can spend putting Hoosiers to work.  What would you eliminate?  Which regulations are unnecessary or duplicative?

It’s business leaders like you who are the job creators and we need to hear from you about how we can continue to cut red tape.  Please let us know at www.in.gov/cutredtape what we can do to get Indiana working again.

Let’s work in partnership so that Hoosiers have better jobs and bigger paychecks.  Together, we can make Indiana an even better place to live and work.