Note: INCPAS Marketing Communications & PR Coordinator Tony Flack’s last day at the Society was earlier this week.  He reflects on his time on staff as well as tomorrow’s CPA Celebration, which he was involved with over the past several years.

I joined the Indiana CPA Society staff in spring 2009 relatively fresh out of college. To be quite honest, my only experience with accounting up to that point was an abysmal grade in a 100-level course my freshman year.  And I wasn’t sure what to expect as an employee of the association supporting the CPA profession.

The next four years and eight months flew by. I grew up a little bit, learned from sharp and dedicated coworkers, and became a better writer and marketing professional in the process. Before I knew it, I was preparing to move on to pursue an exciting new route in my career.

My last day at INCPAS was just a few days before this year’s CPA Celebration,  the Society’s biggest event and always the highlight-of- the-year for members (and a culmination of lot of time and effort from the INCPAS staff). Watching more than 500 INCPAS members and guests enjoy an evening that I helped construct always made that time and effort worthwhile. 093_cpa_4590

The different event themes are always a fun centerpiece for CPA Celebration.  I’ve worn a ridiculous leisure suit with fake chest hair for a 1970s theme, dressed in gaudy attire from the ’80s, and wore a 10-piece rubber Batman costume to lead the parade of salads for the superhero theme in 2011.  Yes, that’s me!

What did I expect out of this job when I first started? Running around in costume wasn’t at the top of the list, but it was fun.

Not all young marketing professionals are lucky enough to land a job in their field right out of college. Especially, a job with ample opportunity to grow and work alongside individuals who value what you do.

I’m leaving with a ton of respect for the CPA profession, and especially those member volunteers who I developed relationships with. They perform at a high level in their day jobs and give what little extra free time they have back to their profession, the Society and even their community. You have to admire that.

And I’ll always have respect for the hard behind-the-scenes work of professional associations like the Indiana CPA Society.

INCPAS members — enjoy CPA Celebration! Applaud the accomplishments of outgoing leadership, award winners and CPA Exam candidates, and also the time and effort your Society staff puts in to enhance your success. They’re always behind you, advocating and providing knowledge to help you stay relevant into the future.