Monthly Archive:: October 2013

Do You Have an Ethics Question?

About the Indiana CPA Society’s Ethics Committee and what it does … when most people hear “ethics committee” and “code of professional conduct,” their thoughts automatically go to the really serious violations we hear about  because a member has been terminated from INCPAS membership. But in reality, the ethics committee’s role is much more involved […]

Face to Face With 2,000 CPAs

Actually it was 2,162.  A record.  A little over 3,000 miles of windshield time to meet with Indiana CPAs during 16 presentations.  The INCPAS annual “Professional Issues Update.”  The 14th year. I would say that about 1/3 of you that are reading this attended one of the programs.  That’s because about 30% of the Indiana […]

Two More Anniversaries … And a Good Cause

Last month we blogged about the 40th anniversary of the FASB. So, why not mention two other anniversaries this year – the 10th anniversary of both the Society’s CPA Day of Service and the last paper and pencil CPA Exam (can you believe it’s been that long?). The two were connected for us. Our first […]