2,100 CPAs.

Five weeks.

16  programs.

3,000 miles.

It’s time for the annual INCPAS Professional Issues Updates (PIUs).

I’m taking a break from assembling the content for the 2013 edition (14th year) of this program.  It’s a great opportunity for our members to get a 30,000-foot view of the issues and trends shaping the future of business and the CPA profession … everything from regulation and legislation to people and the future of accounting education. If you have attended in the past, you also know that it’s also a great opportunity for networking.

There are other value adds that you don’t see. The verbal feedback we get during the program and with the post event feedback form is helpful in shaping strategy for the Indiana CPA Society.  Leadership Cabinet, Emerging Leaders Alliance, the Board of Directors and staff all have access to this important feedback.  The feedback can provide insight for leadership and it also helps us to understand where there might be some member “blind spots” – those issues that lack clarity for our members.  If we can assist in clarifying – eliminating some of those “blind spots” – we can help to ensure that Indiana CPAs maintain or enhance their relevance or value to employers, clients and colleagues.

As we are wrapping up the content for the 2013 program, it is apparent that complexity in business and the CPA profession is more pronounced than it has ever been. And it is likely to increase.

In response to this complexity, during the PIU this year, you will hear a little more about our work in helping members to better manage “know how.”  We have called it knowledge management.  An even better way to describe it is intelligent collaboration. This idea of knowledge management is critical in managing your career, your firm, your department and colleagues. It has never been more important. Not a concept and not a buzz “phrase.”  Knowledge management is something that should be aggressively pursued. It is critical from a human resource perspective – from recruitment and retention, to compensation, assessment and all the way to succession planning.

Mark your calendar for one of the PIUs.  Help us to help you manage complexity and knowledge for your career.

I hope to see you “on the road.”