The calendar might say it’s late June, but at the Society it’s almost New Year’s Eve.  That’s because our “new year” begins July 1.  While it may not be a reason for parties and celebration, it is a significant time of year for us as we start anew with new programs and services, new leadership, new volunteer assignments, and, as I discussed last week, a little later in the year we’ll have a new strategic plan.

NewYearAnd it may be a milestone year at INCPAS too, because I think we’re starting our 100th year as an organization … or at least we’re close to it.  It’s true our actual 100th anniversary won’t occur for almost two years – May of 2015.  But, if 1915 was our first year, then 2014 (we’re starting fiscal year 2014), would be our 100th year.  So maybe it is a time to celebrate!

Just last week the Society’s Board of Directors approved our 2014 budget.  They also approved our key volunteer groups including the ethics and peer review committees, government relations, tax resource and diversity advisory councils, leadership cabinet and emerging leaders alliance.  Welcome to those new to these groups and welcome back to those returning!  Other volunteer groups such as our conference planning project teams have also been assigned for the new year.

Of course, our new Board leadership takes office on July 1.  Steve Eichenberger becomes our new chairman of the board … yes, our 100th chairman or president (I just looked at the list of past chairs and presidents and counted).  OK, some of the early presidents served multiple terms, but Steve’s term will be the 100th term.  Kent Williams becomes our new chair-elect.  Matt Pletcher returns for a second year as a vice chair, while Bettie Caldwell and Steve Beardsley join him as new vice chairs.

We have three brand new Board members too – Lorita Bill, Roger Booth and Troy Gilstorf.  All will be valuable additions.  At the same time, we will miss the three departing Board members – outgoing chair Kevin Kruggel, vice chair Mark Shaffer and board member Louis Stratton.

The new year also brings many exciting new things, most of which are part of the new CPA Center of Excellence™.  These include some great new CPE offerings (not your traditional CPE), another toolkit – this one on developing core competencies – to go along with the one previously published on strategy management, new versions of the SenseMaker® competency assessment tool, and much more.  You’ll be hearing about these services and others throughout the year.

And our diversity programs continue to expand and get recognized.  Just a couple weeks ago we won our third award in less than six months related to our diversity programs.  This one was a “Power of A” Gold Award from the American Society of Association Executives.  Later this year we’ll be expanding our INCPAS Scholars program to South Bend and our Game On: CPAs in Action event to Fort Wayne (we added South Bend last year).

There’s more happening, but that’s enough for one blog.  Any way you look at, there’s a big year ahead.  So Happy New Year!