Managing strategy is important for any organization, or at least it should be. And much of that strategy today needs to address the ever-increasing level of complexity in the profession and the business world. Now INCPAS has the tool that will help you effectively manage strategy!

As part of our knowledge management project, the Society’s U.K.-based knowledge management advisor, Dr. David Griffiths, over the last nine months has developed this one-of-a-kind strategy management toolkit. It covers everything from developing strategy to improving systems and processes related to information and knowledge sharing, not to mention strengthening the HR function in your organization.


It’s just one piece of a package of resources, services and educational programs called the CPA Center of Excellence™ that you will be hearing much more about, but it’s a significant one and a great starting point. The toolkit will guide you, step-by-step, through understanding how knowledge management and its applications are a response to strategy, and then developing the right strategy to fit your organization.

The 170+ page publication is titled “Creating value from knowledge: A resilience based strategy toolkit.” It is an interactive e-publication featuring diagrams, polls and videos that make it easy to follow and easy to use. It is now available on iBooks at a price of only $29.99. You will find it to be a complete and comprehensive strategy guide.

Griffiths uses a cutting-edge approach and style to present the material, and the full range of content itself has never before been assembled into a single publication. The theme is “sense, probe, reflect and respond,” and content modules are organized in that order. The toolkit starts out by helping readers make sense of the current environment and concludes with planning for action. In between are resources, examples, scenarios, methods and models that make this toolkit a must-read. And it has relevance from both individual and organizational perspectives. A sample chapter is available in PDF format.

A recent KPMG survey of nearly 1,500 senior executives worldwide found that a high percentage believe complexity is driving change. Not only do many see it as their biggest challenge, but many said it also adds risk, requires new skills, enables competitive advantage, creates new opportunities, and perhaps most importantly, is driving them to create new and better strategies.

This toolkit will help you do just that. Achieving and maintaining success in today’s complex world means being dynamic, agile and adaptive in response to the forces around us. How do you do that? Learn how and much more with “Creating value from knowledge: A resilience based strategy toolkit.” It’s just another way the Society is adding value and enhancing the professional success of our members.