Monthly Archive:: May 2013

Why You Need to Know Some Buzz Words

In line with Courtney Kincaid’s blog from May 2, I just want to say that I hate “buzz words.” You know, those business terms that come out of nowhere and then cannot be avoided. I don’t know that I’d ever used the word “robust” other than when I was trying to be fancy in describing coffee […]

How Do You Manage Strategy?

Managing strategy is important for any organization, or at least it should be. And much of that strategy today needs to address the ever-increasing level of complexity in the profession and the business world. Now INCPAS has the tool that will help you effectively manage strategy! As part of our knowledge management project, the Society’s […]

Being re:Source-ful: What’s Your Favorite Book?

One late winter afternoon, when my son Jacob was five-years-old, I accompanied him to his kindergarten round-up. The gymnasium was filled with nervous and excited preschoolers. The principal called a few little ones up on stage to help with her presentation. She wanted to make a point that for many children, the first day of […]

Who Are This Year’s Best CPAs?

The very first INCPAS Award went to Marshall S. Armstrong, CPA, in 1971. It was the Distinguished Service Award — the Society’s highest honor. And since then, more than 180 others have received an award from the Indiana CPA Society in various categories. That’s an elite group, considering the Society currently has more than 8,000 members. But, […]

Phrases You Love to Hate, But Should (and Will) Embrace

When someone mentions the importance of networking, do you hear – wah, wah (a la Charlie Brown’s teacher)? As a young pro looking to start a professional life in Indianapolis myself seven years ago, I kept hearing, “it’s all who you know … do you go to any networking events?” I’d roll my eyes and […]