Do you know the differences between our 275+ seminars and our 10 conferences?

INCPAS seminars are scheduled all over the state of Indiana, generally focusing on one topic, and presented by one speaker.  Though we offer 4 hour CPE seminars, the majority are scheduled as an 8-hour CPE day. We are always sure to hold the required topics like Ethics and A&A Updates in 4 hour formats around the state.  INCPAS also offers special CPE events like Spring Fever and Winter Frenzy. During these events we offer 4-hour CPE half days over a two or three day period. This means in a reporting year, you can choose from up to 24 sessions at one event in just a few days!  At seminars you can be sure to find breakfast items and a.m./p.m. breaks, but attendees have lunch on their own.  Currently, when you arrive to an INCPAS seminar you will receive a book of the day’s topic, but times are changing and soon our seminars will be paperless, which can take learning to a whole other level.


Our conferences are scheduled in Indianapolis and the surrounding suburbs.  Each conference has a theme, Tax, A&A, Business & Industry, just to name a few. Within each of these conference days, you will find anywhere from 7 to 14 sessions you can choose from being led by 7 to 14 speakers throughout the day.  Additionally, several conferences offer a Roundtable Breakfast in which attendees choose the topics they would like to discuss that morning, generally 3-5, depending on the number of attendees expressing interest in attending.  These topics are led at roundtables with a project team member or, if we are lucky, a speaker already scheduled for the conference. Members attending these roundtables love the additional networking opportunity so much that we offer them at most conferences now!  At an INCPAS conference you will find a continental breakfast, lunch and break items served as part of the registration fee.  When you register for an INCPAS conference you are given a link to where you will find the conference materials two weeks prior to the conference date.  Attendees are telling us they like receiving their materials prior to the conference so they can get a better idea of exactly what each session will hold.  With digital materials we can even post materials following the conference, which is helpful to speakers and attendees alike. Sometimes speakers realize they should’ve given attendees more information on a topic or a case study to help facilitate the topic and since materials are digital these items can be posted at anytime before or following the conference.

And as you may remember from a previous blog post, you can register for a combination of seminars and conferences and take advantage of our Value Plus discount (25% off the member prices!) until August 31, 2013, as long as you register for 40 hours at one time.

So which do you prefer: seminars, conferences, or a combination?