We know our members are busy. Particularly at this time of year and for the next couple of months. After all, it’s “busy season” for many of you. There is the March 15 deadline, the April 15 deadline, and much to be done both before and in between.

BusypeopleHere at the Society, there is a noticeable difference. We have few classes, the phone doesn’t ring as often and not as many emails come in.

But while it might be a little quieter, it’s a busy time at INCPAS too. Maybe not the busiest – that’s still late summer and fall with the PIUs, multiple conferences, Day of Service, CPA Celebration, case study, leadership cabinet/emerging leaders alliance, and more. February and March are reserved for planning, budgeting and other preparation for the rest of this year and the next fiscal year.

Updates to our strategic plan were approved by the Board in January. Now we are in the process of filling in the initiatives that will achieve the goals and objectives. We determine metrics, and that carries over into a series of key performance indicators. We are also working on next year’s budget, with much of it tied to the strategic plan.

Planning for the late spring, summer and fall conferences along with other events and programs later in the year is also occurring at this time. The Young Professionals Conference on May 17 is one thing that’s new for this year. To go along with that, new conference marketing materials are being developed.

CPE course planning is mostly complete by now, but we are working on our biggest publication of the year, the re:Source catalog (both a print version and an ePub version). Our advocacy efforts are in full swing with the Indiana General Assembly in the middle of their long session this year.

Even more significant this year is our knowledge management project. We’ve begun to roll out the Fusion Network, an environmental scanning group or sensory network, formed to keep INCPAS members aware of emerging issues and trends. Don’t miss their blog site, The Smoke Detector.

We’re also working on the Competency-based Approach initiative, which will eventually include a comprehensive interactive tool kit along with new, related CPE courses based on the core competencies of the CPA profession. The tool kit will be piloted and updated in the late spring and summer.

And we’re populating and testing an online collaboration platform that will house the Skills Web, a member-to-member expertise finder and connector, along with a plethora of content and features designed to keep INCPAS members at the top of their profession just as our vision statement says: “Home of the most trusted professionals; locally … globally.”

So, good luck this busy season and we hope to see you soon. In the meantime, your professional home is just a phone call or an email away.