Monthly Archive:: February 2013

Career Advice for Young Pros: Don’t Spray Paint Your Lawn

Did you know you can have your lawn spray painted green? Instead of planting, fertilizing, watering, cutting and babying your lawn, just spray paint it. I am sure it looks just as good as real grass, aren’t you? I am being sarcastic; I’d imagine everyone can clearly see your lawn has been painted and isn’t […]

How Do You Deal With Change?

This week, the message of being open to change has never been more apparent. On Monday, our INCPAS Scholars heard from CPAs at Eli Lilly, and of the six CPAs that they heard from, each mentioned the importance of being open to new opportunities, being willing to stray from the “easy” path and being willing […]

It’s Busy Season … Even at the Society

We know our members are busy. Particularly at this time of year and for the next couple of months. After all, it’s “busy season” for many of you. There is the March 15 deadline, the April 15 deadline, and much to be done both before and in between. Here at the Society, there is a […]

How Do You Prepare for What’s Ahead?

Most of us think about the future at least some of the time.  Some of us think about the future a lot.  A few of us may simply take each day as it comes?  Those people probably read the headline and moved on.  Because if you take each day as it comes, there is no […]