Have you ever looked at someone and tried to figure out what is on their mind? Sure you have. Parents, kids, spouse (or significant other). Maybe it was a friend or business associate. It’s not easy. Sometimes you can look at a pet and have a better idea what they are thinking.

Well, we really have the same issue with members of the Indiana CPA Society and your learning needs. Though we want to be sensitive to your needs, we can’t read your minds. Course topics, best time to schedule, location, etc. All of it. We want to hear from you on answers to questions like these:

  • Was there a class we held that looked great, but was at the worst possible time for you (or for anyone else remotely interested in the topic?) Sometimes we don’t know about timing or need reminders.
  • Is there a class that you have to travel to each year that you’d rather go to right here in Indiana? There’s a high probability we can get the speakers or cover the topics you are looking for if you let us know.
  • Is there a class held in Indianapolis that you’d like us to bring to your community? Or, is there a course where the topic is good, but you are looking for a higher level or more basic level of offering? We can do that.

We want to give you what you want. Help us out. Give us your feedback so we don’t have to put our mystical powers to the test.