Monthly Archive:: November 2012

2012 Elections Results … Opportunity Knocks for CPAs

The elections are over and we can all finally watch TV without campaign ads. In Indiana legislators are getting ready to roll up their sleeves and begin the work of the 118th General Assembly. There will be many new faces in the State House when they convene on January 7. No doubt this will change […]

What Do I Look Like, A Mind Reader?

Have you ever looked at someone and tried to figure out what is on their mind? Sure you have. Parents, kids, spouse (or significant other). Maybe it was a friend or business associate. It’s not easy. Sometimes you can look at a pet and have a better idea what they are thinking. Well, we really […]

Has Your Company Ever Had an Original Thought?

You’ve seen the initialism “IP” (I learned that’s the proper term and not acronym because it‘s not pronounced as a word). OK, INCPAS members see IP often, because we use it as a symbol for our magazine, CPA IN Perspective … or IN Perspective for short. But outside of INCPAS, almost everyone recognizes it as […]

Who’s In Your Network … and Why?

We all have networks. And with the technology tools available today some of those networks are large – very large. Not like the old days before LinkedIn (2002) or Facebook (2004) when most of our networks were based on relationships that we had developed through personal, face-to-face contacts. I suppose that there are positive attributes […]