When 30% of Indiana CPAs show up for something, it causes me to wonder … “why do they bother?” After all, CPAs are pretty busy people. There are lots of things going on. There are other places that time could be invested. But they show up. Every year … almost a ritual it seems.

The results tell us that about 50% of Indiana CPAs say that the number 1 reason that they show up is to learn about current issues facing the profession. Only 1% say they want to express their views on current professional developments. Well, everyone was in for a bit of surprise in 2012. We engaged attending members in discussions about integrated reporting. Not sure exactly what that is? Well, you should have attended one of the 16 Professional Issues Updates … you know, the PIUs. Surely you have heard about them. After all it has been 13 years now. All over Indiana.



We don’t ask if members attend to “network,” but they do. Just look at the groups all around the room … the quiet conversations are everywhere. Some of the best networking I saw anywhere all year long.

Whether it is the information on issues, the networking, a chance for free CPE, or just to escape from the day-to-day grind – get out of the office – 98% of members said that they “gained value” in 2012 by attending the presentation. 98% satisfaction isn’t perfect and we would love to see everyone gain value, but 98% is pretty good.

INCPAS leadership also gains value. Perhaps insight is a better word. With increasing diversity in the profession (practice area, firm size, gender, generational and ethnic diversity), we seek all kinds of ways to find out what is on our members’ minds. This year we learned:

  • 55% of Indiana CPAs would benefit from the Society creating a resource for members to enhance core competencies and share knowledge on non-competitive issues.
  • 68% believe that the profession has opportunities to add additional value to employers, clients, bankers and investors through integrated reporting.
  • 58% think that the Society should advocate to allow independent study (i.e., research, on the job training, mentoring) as an option fulfilling CPE requirements. (Check out AICPA/NASBA CPE Standards.)

Of course, a lot more was learned, but space (and your time) are limited here. We will be thinking more about what the feedback tells us in terms of future direction as we advocate for Indiana CPAs.

View photos from the 2012 PIUs on our Facebook page.

Until the next PIU in 2013, let us know if there is anything else on your mind.