Monthly Archive:: October 2012

Fix the Debt …

The title of this blog is borrowed from an organization Fix the Debt: Citizen’s Petition – Fix The Debt. I had an opportunity to hear a speaker from Fix the Debt recently – Paul Stebbins, Executive Chairman, World Fuel Services Corporation. He was both articulate and very passionate. We should all be passionate about this […]

CPAs Are Busy, So Why Do They Bother?

When 30% of Indiana CPAs show up for something, it causes me to wonder … “why do they bother?” After all, CPAs are pretty busy people. There are lots of things going on. There are other places that time could be invested. But they show up. Every year … almost a ritual it seems. The […]

Private Company Reporting – Progress (sort of)

Well, have you read about the progress in the area of Private Company Financial Reporting? The Financial Accounting Foundation (FAF) issued their report, Establishment of the Private Company Council (PCC), on May 30, 2012. The report details the responsibilities of this new private company council. It will determine if there should be exceptions or modifications […]

Do You Plan to Vote?

What are you doing on Election Day? Is it on your calendar? If it isn’t, it should be. Check now. If it isn’t there, put it down. Now. Tuesday, Nov. 6. USA Today recently reported in a cover story that 90 million Americans who are eligible to vote this year probably won’t. That is a […]