In a recent blog post, INCPAS President & CEO Gary Bolinger, CAE, asked the question, “Is there a need to change CPE?” In his post, Bolinger said, “It is the public interest to get continuing education focused on competency and NOT hours.”

The idea of changing CPE from an hours-based model to a competency-based model has sparked the interest of many CPAs and fueled discussion about the future of professional development.

The topic grabbed the attention of Rick Telberg with CPA Trendlines who then interviewed Bolinger via Skype to dig deeper into the issue. Bolinger discusses the growing irrelevancy of the CPA profession’s continuing professional education system, and calls on the profession and leaders in state regulatory boards and associations to deliver a system that is more responsive to change.

Watch the video of the interview and let us know your thoughts on the issue … do you think there’s a problem with the current CPE structure? What would you change?