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What’s Wrong with CPE Today?

In a recent blog post, INCPAS President & CEO Gary Bolinger, CAE, asked the question, “Is there a need to change CPE?” In his post, Bolinger said, “It is the public interest to get continuing education focused on competency and NOT hours.” The idea of changing CPE from an hours-based model to a competency-based model has […]

What might the future hold?

Change. Progress. Evolution. Opportunity.

There is a lot going on in business and the profession. Whether you think about what is happening on the other side of the world and how it is affecting our economy, the ever present effects of regulation on the profession, a changing workforce in terms of age, gender, diversity and the requisite skills to be successful today, or evolving customer and client expectations, there is a lot going on!

How do we manage all of that? What do we focus on and how do we prepare. In fact, how do we know what to prepare for? It isn’t very easy.