Do you dread the thought of getting up for work every morning? Does going through the same old routine each day get you down? Maybe you start thinking about the weekend on Wednesday … or even Monday perhaps?

Here at the Indiana CPA Society, the answers to those questions are no, no and no. And the same sentiment apparently extends throughout much of the CPA profession in Indiana as well. Those of us within the Society and the profession have known for a long time that it’s a great profession to work for and in. And now there is proof.

INCPAS was recently recognized by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce as one of the “Best Places to Work in Indiana” for 2012. And we didn’t just make the cut. We finished third among the 39 organizations named to the list in the Small/Medium Companies category, and that was narrowed down from a much larger list of nominees. It was our first year entering the program and we were pleasantly surprised with the outcome! However, for those of us who have worked at the Society for a long time, such a high placement really wasn’t completely unexpected.

In addition, several CPA firms were recognized, along with many large and small businesses that employ CPAs. Some for the first time, and others repeat honorees.  This proves, without a doubt, the CPA profession is well represented!

Well, OK, we’re technically in the association management business, but we’re so closely connected to the CPA profession that we feel we’re a part of that too. The Society is, of course, the lifelong professional home for Indiana’s leading CPAs.

Indiana CPA Society staff

The Society’s dedicated staff, currently numbering 24, embodies its core values of innovation, competence, integrity and compassion as it serves a membership of more than 8,000. It truly is a great place to work because the focus is on the most important asset – people. That’s demonstrated through effective inter-office communication, staying on top of trends in technology, a commitment to learning and development, and celebrating achievements and success. The Society does all that for its staff and more …

Starting with the dynamic leadership of longtime President & CEO Gary Bolinger, and going on through the staff members of the various departments who work on all of the award-winning programs and services, working for the Society has become a destination, not just a brief stop. Staff stability and long tenures are the norm rather than the exception.

We’ll probably enter again in 2013, and who knows, maybe move up two spots to number one!

So, the next time you see someone wearing one of those “You can take this job and shove it!” t-shirts or hats, you can be sure it’s not someone who works for INCPAS … or one of its members.

We’d like to hear from you … what do you like the best about where you work?