Monthly Archive:: May 2012

My Day on the Hill …

It all started with a public “pat down” by security at the Indianapolis International Airport. To be fair, I was asked if I wanted to get the private pat down, but since I knew I wasn’t “carrying” I figured we’d just get it over with. After that minor delay, everything went smoothly on my trip to Washington, D.C. as part of the AICPA’s Spring Council meeting.

Why Do We Insist On Putting Labels on People?

Why do we insist on putting labels on people? Sometimes it is individual people (that is definitely a Type A) and sometimes it is groups of people. We label politicians … liberal, moderate or conservative. We even label CPAs … tax, audit or consulting. We’ve been doing that for years!

The Way Work Should Be!

Do you dread the thought of getting up for work every morning? Does going through the same old routine each day get you down? Maybe you start thinking about the weekend on Wednesday … or even Monday perhaps? Here at the Indiana CPA Society, the answers to those questions are no, no and no. And the same sentiment apparently extends throughout much of the CPA profession in Indiana as well. Those of us within the Society and the profession have known for a long time that it’s a great profession to work for and in. And now there is proof.

Seize the Moment to Be Relevant

Your company is successful because of the business relationships that exist in the organization, clients are with you because you built a relationship with them; when you think about it, any human interaction becomes relevant through the relationship and shared experiences.

The Power of Knowledge … or is it Knowledge is Power?

Why should we care about knowledge and knowledge management? The future of your career, the future of your firm or your business, and the future of your profession might depend on it. Do I have your attention now? I know, I’m being dramatic. But if that’s what it takes, so be it!