We’ll do our best …

We do a lot of meetings at the Indiana CPA Society. With all the seminars, conferences, receptions, award programs and member meetings, we might be over 325 events in any given year.

A big part of our “quality control” is the evaluation process that our members complete. We get lots of comments … not just numbers. And we read those comments. We really do our best to be responsive to those comments. But we need to be completely honest here. There are some things that are simply out of our control.

Understand this … I am NOT making this stuff up. It is all real. No one could make this stuff up.

For example, a few years ago we got this: “The back of the room is too far from the front.” Really?  Yes – really. It’s not in the budget to move walls. And, I can’t make you sit closer to the front. That is a purely personal decision.

And then, the notion of coffee cups. “The coffee cups aren’t big enough.” Sorry, that is out of our control. We have to use what the meeting facility provides. We can’t be hauling around hundreds of various size cups to every event. Aside from the breakage, we might have union problems in some places. Staff would get back problems. Maybe you can bring your own cup to the next conference?  Look around, lots of people do!

More recently, the issue was break time. “The break-out rooms were too small. The breaks were too short. The long-break was too long. The food selections were a bit weak. Otherwise, it was extremely well done.”  Our breaks are usually 15 or 30 minutes. Next year we are going to have all breaks at 22.5 minutes. That middle ground will surely make everyone happy. Finally, I have to assume that the part “extremely well done” was the technical content. That is why you attend a conference, isn’t it?

Finally, we have this …

“While the agenda included the breakout sessions, there was NO ANNOUNCEMENT made to the general audience to attend the breakout sessions. As a result, I missed a session that I was very interested in attending. An ANNOUNCEMENT would have been greatly appreciated.”

Maybe you should sign up for the session on “How to read and interpret an agenda” and what “breakout session” means. No, better yet, we’ll just make an ANNOUNCEMENT next time.