Monthly Archive:: February 2012

Getting Away

It is time for the annual golf trip. Early March. For those of you who know me, it is legendary. This year marks 17 years and 12 guys. It began as a fluke … standing around at a cocktail party in the fall of 1995. The scene was Houston, Texas. Somebody said, really just to […]

You HAD Mail …

Did you see the cover story in USA Today on February 8? You know, the story about the end of the postal service being near. I guess we don’t need to worry about rain, sleet or snow anymore. The report indicated that the volume of mail today includes only .7 % personal letters. And, 47% of […]

In the beginning …

Before there was a tax code (1913), before there was a Department of Labor (1913), before the SEC (1935) and before the PCAOB (2002), even before audits, there were CPAs (New York – 1896). How did the profession rise to the level of prominence in business without license to do something specific? It wasn’t until […]